Monday, August 30, 2010

Hose Me Down

Rice Bran

He loves his horsey oatmeal!
Aaaaaand, excuse the cussing. :3


These pictures are almost a week overdue, buuut they were worth the wait... even if you didn't know you were waiting!

Introducing: Memphis

What a shy brat. :)

I finally got to meet the booger last Thursday and he is the biggest BRAT. Haha, he's not mean or anything just very much a young boy. Curious and mouthy and full of energy. xD

The reason why these pictures are so late is because I got a job! It's temporary, a paid internship actually, but it's 40 hours/week, sooo... I'll be busy.

And the first day there (Friday) was PAINFUL.


Anyways, so yeah. Memphis. What a manly man name, right? Yeah. HAR HAR.

We brought him up to Chessie's stall to meet her but she was all 'meh' about it and stayed away so we let him into the big arena (as seen above in the last few pictures). After awhile, I just felt that it'd be okay if they met each other. I told Amba to let Chessie come and then I was on my way to get her.

It went magically...

We really expected for there to be some conflict, even kicking or biting, but with the exception of a loud feminine squeal that said, "Oh my gosh, don't get so close to ME!" and a slight swat from Chessie, it was the best possible outcome from the two of them.

Chessie followed him AROUND the arena.

We were shocked and yet so DAMN HAPPY!

YAY US! This brings us one step closer to trail riding. :D

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cal and Vinny

Just bein' buds. :)

Vinny is an arab gelding that's in the stall next to Chessie and he is the sweetest thang. We noticed he was being neglected since his stall was horrendous and an overgrown hoof. Plus, he literally has no muscle on him and his mane and tail are dreading. D:

Thankfully his stall was cleaned just within the last two weeks so he's not living in mountains of shit, but still no sign of the owner. :(

He's such a sweetheart, too, and he loves everybody, especially Cal and his cross. :P

Oh, and we named him Vinny (short for Vincent VanGogh) because he likes to nibble on ears. x3

New Lease In Life

Amba is leasing a horse from somewhere up by Murrieta (or wherever) and he'll be delivered tomorrow afternoon.

I can't begin to describe all the feelings I'm having cause of our stupid situation / the new horse, so I'll just say I got butterflies, NO, bats in my belleh. :(

I won't be able to make it because Maro gets out early on Wednesdays and even though Amba shamelessly (for a second) suggested calling the transit company and leaving an anonymous "bomb" tip, I have to be home to make dinner cause the poor guy doesn't usually eat breakfast and whatnot.

Soooo... yeah. I won't be able to see the new horse til Thursday, so the anticipation is pretty much killing me. x3

Monday, August 23, 2010

Fishing Cat Habitat

Fishing cat. I didn't get to read her plaque for any information, we were kind of in a rush. :/ She's so pretty, though! :D

Polar Bear Stroll

He never took the plunge! :(

Zoo Zoo Kazoo

Maro and I took a trip to the zoo on Saturday, a bit later than expected, but it turned out alright. It was hot, but the zoo always seems to supply a breeze to it's visitors, thanks to all the pretty trees. :)

We were finally able to use our new spiffeh cooler backpack for our lunch and whatnot and we stuffed it!

Our day ended up being Polar Bear themed since the Polar Bears were out this time unlike last time and we got our third collective cup with Polar Bears on it. Oh! And a pressed penny with a Polar Bear.


Haha. It was an awesome day overall.

Maro on the skyfari ride to Polar Bear Plunge! We had a feeling we were going to see some Polar bears this time considering we got the skyfari box with a polar bear on it! :D

There were a lot of different kind of antelope/deer on the (steep) walk down to the Polar Bear Plunge. So pretty. :3

They were all sleeping when we got there, except one that I was able to record walkin' around. I'll post that next. :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010


She galloped the next time around, but my camera woman failed to record it. xD

Vianca's First Day

Pretty successful day. :) My goal was to get Vianca to canter on Chessie, and she did! I also wanted her to get the hang of "posting", I have to say... I was very surprised at how fast she picked it up.

Glad this to-be doctor can follow instructions. ;)

* Click the pictures!

Chessie was pretty good overall until the end when she pissed by her food. @_@ Unacceptable... and unsanitary. :P The last two pictures she's throwing a fit because Amber has removed her food bucket and is making the bitch work for it.

Such is our life at the ranch. :3

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sometimes I wonder... far I'll get in life with a scatter brain such as mine. :(

My dad and I went to the 99c store for alfredo sauce which I thought (hoped) they'd have, but they didn't, so instead I bought some light bulbs, acne wash, a loofah (love that word), and some batteries at the last second.


Cheap-o batteries, but still. AA batteries.

For my camera.

So I can take it with me everywhere and anywhere like, for instance, walkies with the dogs.


Fancy that.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Charger Fan

The football pre-season has started. :)

Taken: November 11th, 2009

Visit from the Farrier

Chessie had a visit from the farrier not long after I started going to the ranch again. I was there for emotional support as well as physical since she's been known to nip the butt of the farrier while he's working on her hooves, but she ended up being surprisingly pleasant!

Pictures Taken: June 25th, 2010

Click pictures for larger sizes!

This macho man was in the stall closest to us and he has such a pretty mane. Look at that pinkin nose! :3

Friday, August 13, 2010

Messin' with the Herd

Today, Chessie chased down a pack of ranch dogs that had surrounded and began to bully Cal. I didn't even ask for more than a walk but she began to canter after them with ears flat against her head.

She's a beast. :)

The Blue Dragon

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Savanahuh Photo Blog

There are 150+ posts on this blog but all previously posted entries will be enabled "private" so that I can focus on renovating and committing to this new direction I am taking. :)

OH! The only posts that will stick around are the few recipes I ever posted, so in turn to this being a photoblog, it'll also serve as a recipe collection.

Welcome to the new Savanahuh!