Monday, August 30, 2010


These pictures are almost a week overdue, buuut they were worth the wait... even if you didn't know you were waiting!

Introducing: Memphis

What a shy brat. :)

I finally got to meet the booger last Thursday and he is the biggest BRAT. Haha, he's not mean or anything just very much a young boy. Curious and mouthy and full of energy. xD

The reason why these pictures are so late is because I got a job! It's temporary, a paid internship actually, but it's 40 hours/week, sooo... I'll be busy.

And the first day there (Friday) was PAINFUL.


Anyways, so yeah. Memphis. What a manly man name, right? Yeah. HAR HAR.

We brought him up to Chessie's stall to meet her but she was all 'meh' about it and stayed away so we let him into the big arena (as seen above in the last few pictures). After awhile, I just felt that it'd be okay if they met each other. I told Amba to let Chessie come and then I was on my way to get her.

It went magically...

We really expected for there to be some conflict, even kicking or biting, but with the exception of a loud feminine squeal that said, "Oh my gosh, don't get so close to ME!" and a slight swat from Chessie, it was the best possible outcome from the two of them.

Chessie followed him AROUND the arena.

We were shocked and yet so DAMN HAPPY!

YAY US! This brings us one step closer to trail riding. :D


lauren carney said...

i enjoy swooning over your lovely pictures!
they are all kinds of fascinating!
thanks for sharing them with the world!

Savanah said...

Thanks Lauren! I'm so glad you enjoy them. :)