Monday, August 23, 2010

Zoo Zoo Kazoo

Maro and I took a trip to the zoo on Saturday, a bit later than expected, but it turned out alright. It was hot, but the zoo always seems to supply a breeze to it's visitors, thanks to all the pretty trees. :)

We were finally able to use our new spiffeh cooler backpack for our lunch and whatnot and we stuffed it!

Our day ended up being Polar Bear themed since the Polar Bears were out this time unlike last time and we got our third collective cup with Polar Bears on it. Oh! And a pressed penny with a Polar Bear.


Haha. It was an awesome day overall.

Maro on the skyfari ride to Polar Bear Plunge! We had a feeling we were going to see some Polar bears this time considering we got the skyfari box with a polar bear on it! :D

There were a lot of different kind of antelope/deer on the (steep) walk down to the Polar Bear Plunge. So pretty. :3

They were all sleeping when we got there, except one that I was able to record walkin' around. I'll post that next. :)

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