Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Meet and Greet

I had my day off yesterday and since my dad and I weren't able to go to the movies for his birthday, Maro took me out to iHop and all that good, delicious stuff.


After that, I went home and gave my dad his early birthday present and started getting my stuff ready to head to the ranch. Maro had work (at the MUSE concert ) so he wasn't able to go with Amba and I to check on the new baby.

Cal was finally able to go, poor boy, he's been left to his own devices while his Mom's been working.


After he was in the arena for a few minutes, we introduced "Taz", or PN as we're calling him for now (stands for Prince Nameless, heh heh heh), to Chessie in the big arena.

We had a hunch it would go down like this:

Hahaha, he thinks he's so slick, trying to move up close on Chessie, but she ain't having any of that chit. Unfortunately.

While Chessie didn't seem to hate him, all that matters is that she sooner or later tolerates him. Sucks, but the mare is insane.


We brought in the big boy, the Man, the Stud's Stud, THE CHAMP: Memphis.

We knew it could either go really really good, or really really bad. You can put all genders of horses together (with the exception of stallions and mares in season, obviously, ahahaha) it just all comes down to personalities and pecking order. Chessie and Memphis are both dominants in their gender, and "Taz" is in about the middle area. He pecks on others and gets pecked on.

So. "Taz" / PN and Memphis. In the arena. Omg.

Cute, right? Surprising, too.

It was givin me a stomach ache watching these two giddy boys run around together.

Excuse my foul mouth.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

iHop Surprise!

Today, Maro surprised me by taking me out to breakfast. It's been a hard week/month for both of us and, dag gummit, we were going to go out! Even for an hour. :)

Delicious, and what a sweet deal they've got goin' on. Tooti Frooti Patooti summit. The pancakes are yum!


Pictures Taken: September 21st, 2010

Amba found him on Craigslist and just had to have him. He was inexpensive but trained and rideable, and he was in a sad situation she just had to get him out of.

Everything went smoothly even though she almost caved in the trailer-er's face.


He eventually hopped right in and we were on our merry, slightly irritated, way. :D

These two cuties were in a pen next to where "Taz" was being loaded. Aren't they gorgeous? @_@

Oh. Right. His name is "Taz" but we're looking into something else. Taz doesn't fit him at all. Amba likes Tulsa and I can't figure out what I like.

I only know that Maro is in love with him, too, so we're going to have a hard time finding a name that pleases 3 people.

I don't care if this horse counts as Amba's, I loooove him. So far. ;)

Hay Bed

Laaaaaast Wednesday? Yeah, Wednesday I believe (the 15th) Amba, Maro, me and the babeh went to the ranch to see poor love-deprived Chessie and brat-face Memphis. It had been weeks since Maro's last visit so he just had to ride. And say hi to Chessie cause that poor old hag misses us so much. :(

Half-way through riding Amba's leg 'sploded and we cut everything short so we could head out but I still got some pictures.

Maro feeding his nice Chessie some goodies before saddling up.

Everybody having a good time.
Until Amba killed her leg. xD

Cal was tired at the end of the day, like he always is. I don't think he could've have found a better spot to settle down.

Hehe I don't think Chessie knew what was lurking in her foodies. :3

So We Had A Bad Day

A week or so ago (last Tuesday), and I was at Maro's with Cal, throwing the ball around. :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Slip Up

12 days since I last posted? Awww, and I was going so gooood. :(

Pictures by this weekend of the new baby and other junk. ♥

Thursday, September 9, 2010

In The Running

These were taken yesterday on the way to the ranch. We met a prospective new friend. :)

Out and About

Maro and I went out this past Sunday on our day off. I needed a few clothing things and there was a sale going on at Old Navy, heeeee.

The plan was to go from Ross to Old Navy in Fashion Valley, buuut, we made a few detours at more stores. We finally made it to Old Navy but not without a pit stop to Wendy's!

Delicious, delicious Wendy's...

And then we headed towards the trolley station (where it was hotter than Africa) and waited for the trolleh.

Oh man was the trolley packed! Then again, it was Labor Day weekend. :)