Friday, September 3, 2010

First Trail Ride

This past Wednesday (September 1st) was my first day off from my internship in Otay Ranch. It had also been a week since Memphis was delivered to our lovely home and rule of thumb mandates that you wait at least 5 days before riding a transported / moved-in horse. Y'know, to give them some time to settle in and whatnot.

Well, we would have been on Memphis and Chessie his very fifth day if it hadn't been for work, but we contained ourselves.

Just kidding. We couldn't chill out. We were going ballisticamus with excitement.

The horses contained themselves, not us. Heh heh.

I didn't get very many pictures of the actual trails just because the horses were acting really tard if we ever stopped for more than a millisecond, so the pictures below are when the HORSES, baby jesus bless them, wanted to stop.

^ These were taken on top of a hill that Amba noticed and once you got to the top, it was so gorgeous! There were a couple of duck ponds and then trees everywhere. :)

^ These two are from a river we came across once we found ourselves in the Tijuana Estuary Park Thingy. It led us semi-close to the beach, which was our goal.

However, the footing down into the shallow water looked a little iffy, and the horses weren't having it, so we turned around.

A 45-minute trail ride turned 2 1/2 hours.

Memphis was all fine and spiffeh, but poor Chessie. xD We din't realize till on the way back that we may have made her first trail ride a little too long.

Then again, most competent and sane animals would display signs of exhaustion or pain but not this nice piece of work. Chessie just kept pushing and pushing until we got home.

She's our GPS. :P


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