Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hay Bed

Laaaaaast Wednesday? Yeah, Wednesday I believe (the 15th) Amba, Maro, me and the babeh went to the ranch to see poor love-deprived Chessie and brat-face Memphis. It had been weeks since Maro's last visit so he just had to ride. And say hi to Chessie cause that poor old hag misses us so much. :(

Half-way through riding Amba's leg 'sploded and we cut everything short so we could head out but I still got some pictures.

Maro feeding his nice Chessie some goodies before saddling up.

Everybody having a good time.
Until Amba killed her leg. xD

Cal was tired at the end of the day, like he always is. I don't think he could've have found a better spot to settle down.

Hehe I don't think Chessie knew what was lurking in her foodies. :3

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