Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Meet and Greet

I had my day off yesterday and since my dad and I weren't able to go to the movies for his birthday, Maro took me out to iHop and all that good, delicious stuff.


After that, I went home and gave my dad his early birthday present and started getting my stuff ready to head to the ranch. Maro had work (at the MUSE concert ) so he wasn't able to go with Amba and I to check on the new baby.

Cal was finally able to go, poor boy, he's been left to his own devices while his Mom's been working.


After he was in the arena for a few minutes, we introduced "Taz", or PN as we're calling him for now (stands for Prince Nameless, heh heh heh), to Chessie in the big arena.

We had a hunch it would go down like this:

Hahaha, he thinks he's so slick, trying to move up close on Chessie, but she ain't having any of that chit. Unfortunately.

While Chessie didn't seem to hate him, all that matters is that she sooner or later tolerates him. Sucks, but the mare is insane.


We brought in the big boy, the Man, the Stud's Stud, THE CHAMP: Memphis.

We knew it could either go really really good, or really really bad. You can put all genders of horses together (with the exception of stallions and mares in season, obviously, ahahaha) it just all comes down to personalities and pecking order. Chessie and Memphis are both dominants in their gender, and "Taz" is in about the middle area. He pecks on others and gets pecked on.

So. "Taz" / PN and Memphis. In the arena. Omg.

Cute, right? Surprising, too.

It was givin me a stomach ache watching these two giddy boys run around together.

Excuse my foul mouth.

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