Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Pictures Taken: September 21st, 2010

Amba found him on Craigslist and just had to have him. He was inexpensive but trained and rideable, and he was in a sad situation she just had to get him out of.

Everything went smoothly even though she almost caved in the trailer-er's face.


He eventually hopped right in and we were on our merry, slightly irritated, way. :D

These two cuties were in a pen next to where "Taz" was being loaded. Aren't they gorgeous? @_@

Oh. Right. His name is "Taz" but we're looking into something else. Taz doesn't fit him at all. Amba likes Tulsa and I can't figure out what I like.

I only know that Maro is in love with him, too, so we're going to have a hard time finding a name that pleases 3 people.

I don't care if this horse counts as Amba's, I loooove him. So far. ;)

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