Tuesday, November 2, 2010


On All Hollow's Eve, haha, Maro and I had no plans for the night or the next () so we tried to come up with something to do. Nessie was still in San Diego and didn't leave for L.A> til the next day and she had no plans.

Juan was... busy.

So, after several failed attempts to come up with summit to do we all (FINALLY)decided on going to La Bella's Pizza in Chula Vista. I hadn't been in years, but the pizza had always been UNBELIEVABLY DELICIOUS and right around the last time I had went they had added a separate building that became half arcade half bar area.

We went, had some (disappointing) Italian pasta, but DEAR GAWD the pizza.

Enough said.

Nessie and her sister were itching to play games so we went off to play for a little bit and while there wasn't hundreds of games to play, I really liked a few of them.

Funnest arcade game, ever!

Fun was had by all!

Pictures Taken: October 30th, 2010

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