Saturday, December 4, 2010

Crust You

Mehhh, I have a lot of pictures overdue, I know, I know.

Anyways. A couple of weeks ago I was going through this bento box craze where I wanted one, I needed one and everything that went with one.

Well, I still don't have one, hahahaaaa, but I did order one thing that I absolutely (for some reason) had had had to have:

Pictures Taken: November 25, 2010

Hehe, if you can't tell what it is or what it does, maybe this will give you an idea?

It makes sealed sandwiches! While Uncrustables™ is (from what I can remember) always PB&J but with this little tool, alllll the way from Kowloon, Honk Kong, you can make whatever kind of sammich you want and seal it.

Cool right? Totally made my day, hahaaa, a few weeks ago.


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