Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Exercise and Dogercise

Pictures Taken: January 17, 2011

Basically, every other day I've been getting up with Juan, Nessie and Amba in the mornings to jog. Until recently, we've been going to the middle school near my house and using the basketball court/field they have there. I bring Cal so he can run around and get some energy out and the last time we went (well, last LAST time) Amba brought one of his best friends (read: boyfriends), Whistler.

Whistler was one of the first friends Cal had when we got him.



Amba's friend owns him and he's an amazing dog, smart as anything and so handsome.

We took them with us to the middle school and while we stretched they stood around...

...and when we started to jog they followed us, stopping every so often to sniff around.

When we were done we picked up Maro and all loaded into two cars with the dogs (plus Nessie's dog Klifford, Cal's other boyfriend ahem I mean lover OOPS I MEAN FRIEND!!!) and went to the dog park. We waited for Nessie and Juan and Klifford to meet us at the dog park.

Whistler likes to hang back with us two-leggers and get lovins...

...unlike my son who revels in being a doggy whore...

Cal wasn't as good as he usually was so we had to leave early, but... look at this beautiful girl!

I can't remember her name but wow wow wow she was so precious. So sweet and friendly and SO ZOMG BEAUTIFUL I couldn't believe it. Woulda totally stolen her if I had the chance.

Hadda leave though with the brat in tow.

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