Saturday, January 8, 2011

Run Challenge

I could go on and on about how cliche the whole "HERP A DERP IMMA LOSE WEIGHT" New year's Resolution is, buuut I think it'd be easier just to say, as of January 4th (ha!) I'm commiting to getting up at the buttcrack of dawn (8am ) to run. Er, well jog.

Okay, more like start off at a nice jog and end up in a spluttering mess less than 20 minutes later. But hey, I'm trying.

You cannot imagine the groans and moans and sounds of GUTTURAL UNPLEASANTRIES that come out of my mouth as I strive to get in shape. Sad as it is, I haven't missed a day and Cal really seems to enjoy himself.

Dunno why I haven't taken pictures of one of the mornings yet... Cause of course I don't do it ALONE. Juan was there with me the first day and then Ness and Amber were with me the second day. It's a pathetic group what with two semi-athletes and two lard hags. You'd think the sight of us would just scream out a name, but we still haven't decided what to call our little team... Oh well.

I had to give my hip a day off yesterday so I joined Ness and Juan at the field just to walk around and get Cal tired but after we went to Denny's!

Why you ask? We don't even know.

I call this picture "Juevo Hands" cause what he's doing above is in anticipation for eggs. DELICIOUS NUTRITIOUS CHOLESTEROLISH EGGS.

Later on after Nessie dropped Juan off at work, I went with Amba to her house to try and fix her computer. Took about two hours for me to even get to work on it (her house is full of delicious/furry/scaly distractions) but I fiiiixed it.

Then we settled down for some Mario Bros.

Half-time meant foodies which can be summed up by Princess Freya:

Since I've used it already so many times in this post, I'd have to say yesterday was a delicious day.


And no, it's not cause I'm a fatty.

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