Thursday, March 17, 2011

Say Cheeeeeeesecake

Pictures Taken: March 14th, 2011

Yeah. Hokay. So.

As work has been getting better (read: more hours, more monay monay), I've been gaining back the desire to cook and bake and make glorious, glorious foodies. Prolly since I can afford all the ingredients, etc.

Well, a couple of months ago I bought a set of spring-form pans because I wanted to try and make a cheesecake. I attempted one a couple of days ago. I initially freaked out because there's sooooooooooo many ways to make them and they can be uber sensitive and you have to put them in a bath (a bath? A BATH! Rubber ducky anyone?) and leave the oven door open over night and throw salt over your shoulder and knock on wood... ALLLLLL this craziness for a friggin' cheesecake.

I didn't know which recipe to pick so I started fiddling with the spring-form pans. Lo and behold, on the label for it it says "Recipe included on back". And guess what? It was a NO-BAKE recipe.

Cue the angel choir and sunbeams from heaven, please.

The recipe was SO. SIMPLE. Grind up some sugar and graham crackers, whip up the cream cheese and whipping cream and chill.

Basically. (I'll post the recipe later.)

So voila! Cheesecake a la Savanah!

Homemade crust. Bow chick wow!

Cream cheese and lemon juice.

"Just Beat"'d!

Added the whipping cream and beaten until stiff. Aha.

Poured and smoothed out.

So yeah. I didn't take a picture of it after being chilled cause it looks exactly the same (it doesn't pout like a regular cheesecake batter, so no extra smoothy smooth top) and if I took a picture now... well it's more than half gone.

The next day, LUCKY MEEE I was still (am still... whatevs) sick so I had Maro try it and he LOVED it. I don't even think it was that fake lovey dovey fake crap. He seemed to really like it. He had his mom and roommate try it and they loved it. My dad tried it, he loved it.

Pretty proud of it actually. While I still haven't had a slice, I saved some of the cream that got stuck to the side of the pan for my bagels.

Can you say blueberry cheesecake bagel? YUMMEH.

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