Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hollywood and Viet-NOM

Pictures Taken: March 4th, 2011

Haven't had the chance or the reason to go out in the past few weeks. I've been sick and working a lot, and then on my days off I've just been relaaaaxing. Oh, and I've also started gaming a little more again which has been awesome! I buckled down and grinded on a new character that restoked my love of the game. ♥

Saw my camera sitting all by it's lonesome in my basket above my bed and got really sad. I've been neglecting it so I made sure to pick it up when i hung out with Nessie and Juan the other day.

There are a couple parks by my house, about... 5? All within walking distance too. Well, your average in-shape person's walking distance, ahaaaaa.

And I don't know WHENNNN, but the city must have really cracked down on delinquent activity because the park that we run at used to be in REALLY bad shape. I'm talking graffiti, gangsta loitering, junkies, errthang. But now... it's gorgeous. White people walk around walking their little poodles and yeah. Get the picture? Hahaha.

There's another park around the same area called "Hollywood Park" that was probably the WORST. I remember it when I was little to just always be PACKED and not with the nicest looking characters. Plus, it plays host to the "Devil's Cave" which is just a huge sewage pipe that snakes underneath the whole neighborhood and connects 3 of the canyons in the area. Pretty crazy!

Well, Ness was driving me and Juanito around looking for something to eat and to do. We didn't have a lot of time but she grabbed a Vietnamese sandwich from this little (AHEM) place across the street from my old high school.

I got to tell you, this place was tiny when I was a freshman. It's a little store right across from the high school that had like...4 kinds of muffins, some cookies, chips and a little fridge of sodas. Heh yeah... we went there and my fucking jaw dropped. They have soups and sandwiches and 5 fridges of drinks and chips and muffins galoooreee, candy and cookies. It's now, basically, a ramshackled convenience store!

I could not believe it. I spent SOOO much money there in the mornings before school and, as I stopped to think about it, so did about 1/3 of the student body. EVERY MORNING there was a line, WITHOUT fail. I saw other kids dropping $5, %10 there EASY. The prices weren't horrible but I mean... they were just kids with money anyways, so why not?

WOW OKAY RAMBLING. Anyways, just wanted to say the owners could not have picked a more PERFECT location. 90% of their money is probably from the high school. Noice!

Hehehehe ok.

SO. Ness got her sammich and then what was I saying... oh yeah, the parks.

We couldn't decide where to go to sit and chil til Ness had to get her sister from school, so me and Juan were just chattin about Hollywood Park. It wasnt far from his house, or any of our houses for that matter, so we headed over.. after some tardness on our part of how to get there.

Just wow. I should have taken a bird's eye view of the place while I was up on the street. It's just insane how much it's changed. AAAND it was bigger than I remember.

To get down into the park I used to ride my bike basically down the side of a hill. But now there's a little walk way zig-zagging down and a nice wooden stair case a little further down. It's funny, I couldn't stop staring at those stairs for some reason. RIGHT where they were placed is where I used to ride my bike down and almost ALWAYS eat shit. Haha, dirt and leaves in my mouth.

We settled down there on the playground. There was only one or two families there and that was it. I was in a state of like... disbelief ahaha it was so different.

It's safe to say we'll be going back.

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