Monday, March 14, 2011


I'm... siiiiiiiiick. AGAIN.

I swear I can't fall asleep and wake up and feel totally fine. Ugh.

I went shopping with Amba for shoes for work since our dress code is being strictly enforced now and the shoes I had were inappropriate.


We went around the world shopping, haha, but I didn't do too bad money wise. Yay! Although I guess I could have sold the mustang I had apparently hijacked in front of WalMart and went crazy at Fry's.

Amba swears she knew it was me in the Mustang and I was drivin off.

Went to her house after all the shoppin' to install her new router. Least exciting thing of the day, especially with all the animals at her house.

Princesses of the day: Petunia and Freya

Takin' a stroll

Through the brush



"Gtfo my face"

Precious, right? Next post will have a video of The Wild Petunia.

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