Sunday, April 3, 2011


Wow what a crazy and ridiculous past two days. I just.. I can't even, what...


Nessie and I were bored yesterday afternoon. It felt like one of those old summer days when we were younger just YEARNING for something to do. Anything. Fun. And different. What do we turn to? The internet. Duh.

"Shit to do when you're bored" is basically what we typed in to Google. Some of the lists that came up were tard, a lot of crap like "listen to a painting", "sculpt with your eyes closed", yadda yadda. I'm like, whut?

Found a list with some pretty cool ideas on it (there's 150 ideas in total) and one of them was make a terrarium.

This/these are terrariums.

Basically a mini garden in a jar, kinda like bonsai gardens without the cool little tree.

Let me say this: I am so ****ing exhausted and irritated with the whole process (that took two &@%^&#*%! days!) that I don't want to write an eloquent story about our (meant to be) escapade for just the moss that we needed for the damn thing.

Plus, as you know, I'm not one to ramble and tumble off topic and latch onto a ray of other interest and what not and continue on and on about that for ages and ages and pages and pages. Nuh uh, nope, that's not what I do.

Here's our ****ing project in pictures. Four parks and two garden stores later. Closeups will be posted later.

Good friggin' night.

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