Monday, May 30, 2011

Halfway to 40

Really late pictures from my birthday! Stupid me forgot my camera at home when Maro took me out to eat. Sad, right?

Didn't take pictures until we were back at my house for preseenttsss. Nessie made me an awesome blanket:

Please excuse the water spots on some of the pictures. I didn't even clean it before I used it, I was too excited. :D

It was an awesome birthday. Maro got me a MUTHERTRUCKIN' Wii! Was not expecting that xD Juan got me a game/controller to go with it AND my birthday cake. Nessie took pictures of the cake when we were at the restaurant, I'll have to ask for those to post, but it followed the "Reddit Rage Face" theme, same as last year :)

Pretty card from my momma and Rayray and family. ♥

It was a nice day I'm just so bummed I forgot my camera. Dx

Will not do that again!

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