Monday, May 2, 2011

Mourning Cloak

I was outside on the porch thinking today, rattling thoughts around in my head, when I noticed out of the corner of my eye a black butterfly fighting a really strong wind.

I've never really seen a butterfly do much than flutter or drift along kind breezes but this poor little guy was fighting the good fight not to get thrashed into one of our trees. On top of that, there was a smaller butterfly, orange and reddish in color, a mock-monarch kind of look to it, that seemed to be harassing it while it tried to land on something, anything.

Finally, the wind died down and the little red bully butterfly went away and I just looked at the strange black butterfly as it opened and closed its wings on our twiggy peach tree. Most of the butterflies around here land for a few seconds and then take off again but this one stayed and I just felt an inkling to go over and take a look.

I dunno how I knew but I knew it was really tired and just going to... chill for a while on that branch. Long enough for me to take out my phone and get a quick picture but, not only was it not bothered with how close I got, it stayed pretty still.

I got shockingly close. Close enough to see the wind rustle it's... fuzz? Silk? Idk but this was one hairy butterfly with nice marking. It wasn't until I reviewed a few pictures did I realize it was black and yellow and blue.

These first two pictures were taken my phone so, yeah, crud quality. I've been meaning to take a LOT of pictures the past week or so. The mood struck me hard and I didn't realize how hard until I lent out my camera. Best I could do was get my old and faithful one that I've had for YEARS and hope for the best. Results were pretty impressive for such an old camera.

Once again, I was very surprised with how close he let me get. It wasnt until I bumped his branch that he took off. :/

He dawdled around my yard though for a bit and around my head a couple of times at first (I said I was sorry!) until he reperched on our fence.

Interesting little happening.

**Edit**: I was very curious as to what kind of butterfly this was since I had never seen it's kind around before and Maro suggest that we look around and see if we could find any information on it. I didn't think we'd find anything at all without uploading it on a forum somewhere and ask someone to classify it, but he proved me wrong. :) My Google skills are usually pretty keen but he beat me to the punch this time. He found out my little butterfly friend is a Mourning Cloak / Camberwell Beauty. Very pretty and a eerily fitting name considering things that have been going on. Slick, nature, very slick.

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