Monday, June 27, 2011

County Fair

Yesterday was the day I had been waiting for for years.

No, really. YEARS.

The Del Mar Fair San Diego County Fair is here every summer and has been around since 1980. I remember going when I was younger but then all of a sudden I realized I hadn't gone in years!

The past couple times it's been here Maro and I have been broke or he's been too busy with work.

Well not this year! HAHA! WE MADE IT THIS YEAR. I even had money to spend on trinkets and food and WHATEVER CRAP I WANTED.

It was glorious. Stupendous. Wunderbar!

It was SO awesome that Maro even went on a couple of rides. :P And he HATES rides.


I took plenty of pictures. So many, in fact, that I can't upload them all here, hehe. I decided just to post my top 10 favorite pictures that I took and the rest will be viewable on my flickr which I'll link to later in this post.

For now...

My San Diego County Fair Top 10 Pictures
*in order of time taken | click the pictures!

1. Entrance of the fair.
2. Ice cream stand!
3. Favorite ride.
4. Funnel Caaaaaaaaaaake! ♥
5. Ammonite.
6. 2nd prettiest necklace.
7. Caveman eat Turkey Leg, ugga ugg.
8. Upgoat.
9. Fair at twilight.
10. Ferris Wheel Glasses :)

My top 10. :) Below are thumbnails of the rest of the pictures I took at the fair. Click on one for a larger size and scroll your way through the album OR click the link at the bottom for the whole set. :) Enjoy!

Funnel CakeP1030290P1030293Frozen Banana!P1030299P1030307
P1030310In Line for the RideP1030317P1030331P1030334P1030335_2

County Fair Races

We caught the last race of the day at the County Fair yesterday. Sooooooooooo- WEE!

1. Racing piglets - we lost
2. Racing pigs - we lost again
3. Swift the Swimming Pig - everybody wins!

Saturday, June 25, 2011


Short shift at work today and when I got home I figured I'd take the kid out for a walk since tomorrow I'll be gone all day at the fair.

Lucky for us the middle school field was OPEN and EMPTY. Woohoo!

Pictures were taken from my phone.

Kid has a huge tongue!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Quad 1

1. Blues Clues nail polish
2. Intense Copper Red dye
3. Stephen King's It
4. Our cactus family

I've got a lovely bunch of...

pine cones! Dee da lee dee. There they are hanging in my treeeeeee.

Yesterday, Monday, was my day off and I like to do something productive throughout the day. I've been doing good so far. Have a little routine and whatnot for laundry and cleaning my room/the house/the yard.

It was actually when I was in the yard yesterday I came across my project of the day.

Sometime last year, Maro and I were walking Cal and I got the idea to pick up some stray pine cones I saw around the neighborhood. When we got home, I don't know how it came about, but before I knew it I had fashioned the pine cones into little bird-feeders by coating them in seed.

Well, only one pine cone was left in the tree so I brought it down for a makeover.

Only took about 15 minutes but meh. There's lots of wild little fluttering... things around my house. I guess they fly by to make friends with my grandfather's birds. Noisy punks.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Go Outside

Every couple of months (or all throughout the Fall) I get the urge to clean. It can range from a thorough pick-up to a complete overhaul. Maro's been around a couple of times when I've totally redone my room. He's never really happy to be there while it's going on but whatevs.

Well, today just struck me as a day to do some cleaning. I worked mostly on my closet that was sheltering shoes that no longer fit and needed to gtfo. Most of the time, once I've started to clean, I can't usually stop so what was supposed to be a 30-minute/hour project, turned into about 4 hours of dusting, cleaning, sweeping, reorganizing and yeah. Cleaning stuff.

I cleaned off a small desk that I have that was being drowned by knick-knack crap and set up a little sculpture I (re-)found that I had made my sophomore year. I didn't really know what to do with it then so I chucked it on to a top shelf in my room and forgot about it.

After a little dusting and some added decor, I gave new purpose to the little sculpture.

My new candle/altar/incense burner. Clever girl, amirite?

Then later as I waited for laundry, I realized that I hadn't had much to capture picture-wise. Cal has become a stale subject to shoot (hehe, just kidding) and I wanted to work on stationary targets, kind of like flowers and whatever.

So after a little bit of pondering, I remembered seeing photos that I really liked on a blog called Sidewalk Chic. The blogger is JoAnn, a young woman who lives in Northeast Georgia and takes such cuuuuutteee wardrobe-centered photos. I especially love her accessory pictures which are just beautiful by themselves.

This gave me the idea to try some close-up shots myself.

Yesterday, Maro and I had the day off together (FINALLY) so we went out. Went to the mall, saw Kung Fu Panda 2 which was super cute and did a little bit of shopping (on my part), hehe. He bought me a ring that I friggin ADORE OMGOMGOMGGG so preeety and it just seemed to make a lot of sense to take pictures of it. It's huge for one muwhahaha but it's still very nice.

I can't stop looking at it when I have it on, just ask Maro the poor guy.

It's been a very good past couple of days, trying to keep things as optimistic as possible.

To help me do that, I'll list a few things I'm looking forward to/loving right now:
1. The beach. Ikr? I can't wait to go and that says enough on it's own.
2. Summer reading. I get to check out books from the Library again! Yay!
3. Working. I didn't have a job last year and while I'm not raking in the g's, it's still more than nothing.
4. Nessie. She's home, she's home! She's finally home! To stay. *crosses fingers*