Monday, June 27, 2011

County Fair

Yesterday was the day I had been waiting for for years.

No, really. YEARS.

The Del Mar Fair San Diego County Fair is here every summer and has been around since 1980. I remember going when I was younger but then all of a sudden I realized I hadn't gone in years!

The past couple times it's been here Maro and I have been broke or he's been too busy with work.

Well not this year! HAHA! WE MADE IT THIS YEAR. I even had money to spend on trinkets and food and WHATEVER CRAP I WANTED.

It was glorious. Stupendous. Wunderbar!

It was SO awesome that Maro even went on a couple of rides. :P And he HATES rides.


I took plenty of pictures. So many, in fact, that I can't upload them all here, hehe. I decided just to post my top 10 favorite pictures that I took and the rest will be viewable on my flickr which I'll link to later in this post.

For now...

My San Diego County Fair Top 10 Pictures
*in order of time taken | click the pictures!

1. Entrance of the fair.
2. Ice cream stand!
3. Favorite ride.
4. Funnel Caaaaaaaaaaake! ♥
5. Ammonite.
6. 2nd prettiest necklace.
7. Caveman eat Turkey Leg, ugga ugg.
8. Upgoat.
9. Fair at twilight.
10. Ferris Wheel Glasses :)

My top 10. :) Below are thumbnails of the rest of the pictures I took at the fair. Click on one for a larger size and scroll your way through the album OR click the link at the bottom for the whole set. :) Enjoy!

Funnel CakeP1030290P1030293Frozen Banana!P1030299P1030307
P1030310In Line for the RideP1030317P1030331P1030334P1030335_2

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