Monday, June 13, 2011

Go Outside

Every couple of months (or all throughout the Fall) I get the urge to clean. It can range from a thorough pick-up to a complete overhaul. Maro's been around a couple of times when I've totally redone my room. He's never really happy to be there while it's going on but whatevs.

Well, today just struck me as a day to do some cleaning. I worked mostly on my closet that was sheltering shoes that no longer fit and needed to gtfo. Most of the time, once I've started to clean, I can't usually stop so what was supposed to be a 30-minute/hour project, turned into about 4 hours of dusting, cleaning, sweeping, reorganizing and yeah. Cleaning stuff.

I cleaned off a small desk that I have that was being drowned by knick-knack crap and set up a little sculpture I (re-)found that I had made my sophomore year. I didn't really know what to do with it then so I chucked it on to a top shelf in my room and forgot about it.

After a little dusting and some added decor, I gave new purpose to the little sculpture.

My new candle/altar/incense burner. Clever girl, amirite?

Then later as I waited for laundry, I realized that I hadn't had much to capture picture-wise. Cal has become a stale subject to shoot (hehe, just kidding) and I wanted to work on stationary targets, kind of like flowers and whatever.

So after a little bit of pondering, I remembered seeing photos that I really liked on a blog called Sidewalk Chic. The blogger is JoAnn, a young woman who lives in Northeast Georgia and takes such cuuuuutteee wardrobe-centered photos. I especially love her accessory pictures which are just beautiful by themselves.

This gave me the idea to try some close-up shots myself.

Yesterday, Maro and I had the day off together (FINALLY) so we went out. Went to the mall, saw Kung Fu Panda 2 which was super cute and did a little bit of shopping (on my part), hehe. He bought me a ring that I friggin ADORE OMGOMGOMGGG so preeety and it just seemed to make a lot of sense to take pictures of it. It's huge for one muwhahaha but it's still very nice.

I can't stop looking at it when I have it on, just ask Maro the poor guy.

It's been a very good past couple of days, trying to keep things as optimistic as possible.

To help me do that, I'll list a few things I'm looking forward to/loving right now:
1. The beach. Ikr? I can't wait to go and that says enough on it's own.
2. Summer reading. I get to check out books from the Library again! Yay!
3. Working. I didn't have a job last year and while I'm not raking in the g's, it's still more than nothing.
4. Nessie. She's home, she's home! She's finally home! To stay. *crosses fingers*



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