Friday, September 9, 2011

!st Bone

The kid's first big boy bone. Kudos to his dad for picking out a good one!

Battle Station

Haven't posted in forever, right? Right. So I come back with pictures of my new and improved battle station!

Hey, don't mid the huge scratch on the wall. I didn't listen very well when I was a kid. @_@

Anyhoo, I don't really know what to list in terms of what makes up my desk since everything is kind of collective, the only thing that is new, really, is the desk. OH! And you see those drawers on the right? They roll out! It's its own little standing end table thingy. Soooo awesome.

The best part? I got the desk and the rolling drawer caddy for $5.

That's it.

Not far from my house is a thrift store that is ALWAYS getting such awesome furniture and whatnot and although you can't really tell in the pictures, there's a few scuff marks on the top of the desk. I mean, noticeable ones. But I'm not a desk snob. Nope nope nope. And, honestly, this desk compared to my old ones in terms of quality... well they're about they same in look, actually HAHAHA. They both have dings and scratches but IN THE END: this long and blank canvas-y desk is more of my style. :)

Oh, and that gray panel thing hanging above my desk is a piece I recycled off of my old desk! It's magnetic (obvi) and took the place of a large piece of whiteboard I was going to place there. I didn't really ever get into the idea of having to lean over all my junk just to scribble down summit when I can clack a note up onto my magnetic board. :D Aren't I creative? *snicker*

Nessie will be taking my old desk and a nifty skinny book shelf thingy she found (FOR $5!!!) at the thrift place. I also found an AMAZING(ly) comfy high-back executive-esque computer chair there for Maro who's been in real need of one. Only $15, too. :)

I swear, I'm falling more and more in love with this setup by the second. I might just sleep here...

Hmm, now that I think about that I almost did considering the major blackout San Diego had yesterday/last night. Almost 12 hours without power! Gah.

Now that it's passed, all I want to do is just work! Or, y'know, create junk... and I think THAT my friends is something you get from a good workspace. :D