Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Definitely an Autobot

That handsome devil is Ricochet, my Asus Transformer Tf101. He was an early Christmas present from the people closest to me (on this side of the States, anyways :P).

He has made blogging (and everything else) so much easier and enjoyable. I usually have stacks upon stacks of notebooks on my desk for different notes, doodles, subjects, whatever but he has just swept them under the carpet. I'm able to have my to-do lists with me, my recipes, music, movies, video chatting. The whole kit and kaboodle. I also received a Toshiba laptop from my momma and if Ricochet can't get the job done, that thing sure can. Very powerful, very awesome. But if I'm ever out and about (for instance, yesterday), he's just a convenience to take me with me to check on things and whatnot.

Love, love, LOVE him.

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