Friday, January 6, 2012

I can't believe you asked that

Went out either earlier this week or last, I don't remember, but like always, we had a good time. There was even a special guest!

Juan! Yaaay he made ittt. Since we've all been working, our schedules have been super conflicting. It's a bit on the urrtating side but we deal. Nessie and I dance out our frustration. Yeah. And then we go out to eat ahahaha.

Look at those cute couples, d'awwww. In our picture, I may be smiling but I'm really STILL in disbelief that Maro asked the waiter if the steak was an actual steak cut and not ground beef all mashed up. I literally hid my face after he asked that. First time that's ever happened, AHA.

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