Thursday, January 12, 2012

Royal Seaness

Nessie and I needed to waste some time the other day before we had to go to the police station (ikr?), so, we headed over to a local thrift store up the street.

I had been watching some "gurus" via youtube that I follow the night before and while most of them are makeup-based, a few of them also do fashion and style. I enjoy watching those kinds of videos even though I usually read more on that subject (through a ton of blogs that I'm subscribed to) then watch videos, but meh, some of them seemed pretty good.

While I can't really relate my style to any of the girls I follow (*cough* too fluffy *cough*), they do have some good tips and damn do they find some good **** when they go shopping.

Sadly, I pretty much have the opposite of a "keen eye" or a "keen sense of style" (more like feeble and inept). I'm one of those "Ohmahgawd, Savanah, if it had been a snake it would have (tried) to wrap it's whole body around you and constricted you until you could fit into that dress you want so bad!" kind of people. Oh, what I'm looking for is right in front of me? Nah, I better make sure it's not under it by lifting it up, twirling it and tossing into the abyss that is my room.

Oh, Waldo's missing? What? Look for him? Yeah...he's as good as dead.

Sorry, guy!

At first I figured I'd probably walk out empty-handed, soul-crushed, eyes strained and voice still intact, I bucked it up. I'd be damnded if I wasn't going to walk out of that place with some cool, thrifty finds that'd justify my multiple squeals of "EUREKA" that'd echo throughout the store.

I had to remember to keep my eyes open, look everywhere, and keep a positive attitude.

What did I find? Not much. Honestly, haha. The women's section was huge so I was quickly intimidated. After I browsed a little though, I felt better. There was nothing there for me. I kinda knew it in the back of my head plus I wasn't really in the mood for the ordinary anyways.

We made our way around the bottom floor (oh yeah, two story, gurrrrl) and didn't find squat. Upstairs we go!

Upstairs was pretty much coats and "high-end" stuff to the right, men's section to the left.

Did a quick once over on the left side then shimmied on over to the right. Had a bit of luck there, woohoo! One of the videos I had watched was on how to rework a t-shirt into a tank top. I think I must've had that whole project in mind the whole time because as I was going through the shirts, my momentum picked up. I was looking for big graphics, cool detailing (me looking for detailing is like a blind person looking for their helper stick, I guess, only they'd probably find it before I did...) and the like.

Didn't do too bad. Found some shirts I'm going to try out and even one for Maro. I think 6 shirts in totaly, and none of them were over two bucks. Winner, winner, right? I think the most expensive was 1.49. My main inspirational video had this girl find awesome stuff for like, cents. 40, 50, 60 cents! Craziness. I didn't do that well but in the end I spent under 10 bucks!

Oh and of course:

That's Bijou the Turtle attached to my new bag I also picked up while there. We were back downstairs heading to the register when I happened to look at the wall next to stairs. It was full of assorted bags just hanging around and I was initially interested in the different reusable grocery bags. Then I saw that gorge blue colored bag and scooped it right up. One dollar. Boo yah.

NOW onward to the register we marched and when the cashier started to ring me up I, once again, just happened to look to the side and saw a little stand of hanging "backpack buddies". Bunch of little colorful plushies like Bijou hanging out, looking darling, and I just had to have a little turtle. :) Which reminds me, I need to go back cause there was a dinosaur, seahorse and other MUST HAVE buddies. Y'know, just in case Bijou gets lonely. Yeah. Bijou. xD

Wow, this was actually only supposed to be a paragraph long post to introduce Bijou and denounce my thrifting skills, haha.

All in all it was a good time. I think I can sharpen my eye, or whatever, and become better at this thrift shop thing. I know there's some real treasures out there but it seems like I can only find them when I accidentally look in a direction. Sad, but I'll take it!

Now, to muster up the courage to cut up those shirts. Not like I'd be out mad money. :)

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