Friday, February 10, 2012


I had some chicken thawed in the fridge that needed some tender-lovin' nommin' and I wasn't really in the mood for my go-to stir fry or anything like that. While browsing for recipes I happened to remember that several months ago I purchased a cast iron grill/flat top that I had been NEGLECTING for whatever reason.

Yeah I was intimidated. Whatever.

A couple of months into my self-teachings of fine cookery (read: poor, trying-to-survive-on-$6-a-week cooking), I was watching Rachel Ray's 30 Minute Meals and managed to nearly knock out Cal with my dropping jaw as I saw this piece of cookware for the first time. Can't remember what the hell she was cooking, it might come to me later on, but it just blew my mind. Who wants to deal with charcoal and lighter fluid and all the irritating and confidence-crushing necessities of outdoor grilling? Not I!

Nessie can attest to that since one 4th of July two years ago we spent nearly 3 hours trying to get a fire going. @_@


I coveted the damn thing from then on. It was a big expense (then, and still kinda was when I bought it months ago :P) that I knew I couldn't afford for years but more than anything I held on to the idea of me grilling up some kabobs and meat and veggies and JUST ANYTHING on my own stove top grill mabob.

Theeeeeen months went by and I didn't use it. WHY? Well, you know why. I said why earlier. Missed it? Too bad then.

So. I found a recipe that I fancied (understatement; I literally daydreamed about it while at work and was just playing out fantasies in my head where Rachel Ray came over and was like "You go girl! Let's do this thing side-by-side!" ...and we continue to host her show IN MY OWN HOUSE, OMG...) and let the chicken marinade overnight in a mxture of bellpepers, garlic, lemon juice, evoo (love you RR!) and some salt&pep.

Spaz as I am, I couldn't settle on ONE or TWO sides so I made a couple. I didn't take a picture of anything other than the steamed broccoli, though, BUT I made: spanish rice, grilled peppers, and a noice salad. Was going to do even more, but as I began to cook on my beloved grill I got a little anxious. My kitchen is like, 10ft by 10ft with one window OPPOSITE the stove.

If you can't stand the heat... you bring up a chair and sweat it out with oven mitts and some tongs ready. -__-

Needless to say it got a little smokey up in thur.

In the end: delicious!

What I learned: pokes some holes in that chicken so the juices/spices can seep in farther. Oh, and clean the grill while still warm, ahahahaa.

I don't know why I didn't take more pictures, especially of our colorful plates after I had served it all. My dad practically inhaled his, so maybe that's why.

Oh, but we had a guest star on Cocina de Savanah! Maro came by! It was a nice surprise but I should've known he couldn't resist the idea of a new recipe a la moi!

Then again I had dropped a lot of hints that it was going to be the BOMBlammadingdong. Had never tried the recipe/the grill yet and I was THAT positive.

See that confidence? Yeah. Just kinda comes to you. :P


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