Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Maro's ride to work flaked Saturday morning so he asked Nessie for a ride. I figured, why deprive them of quality time with me? Hyper, morning me. The me that's only me between 5am-7am. Since Maro needed a ride at 6:25am, they got it. :)

I got the bright (and delicious) idea to go out to breakfast since we were up. Maro recommended a little place right above his lot and we went in to check it out.

Called The Eggery , it was a nice, warm, cozy little place with a great menu. Scrambled eggs, sunny-side up, omelettes, frittatas, any form you could want an egg in. Plus crepes, fresh fruit and even an assortment of sandwiches for "brunch". It was damn good.

Oh, and their fresh lemonade...

Courtesy of "The Bridesmaids":

Teehee. I don't know about Nessie (yes I do), I think it's definitely a place we'll be going back to considering Denny's is, well, utter crap and iHop is... slightly less crap. Their pancakes are nice though, as they should be. O_o

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