Friday, September 21, 2012


Tomorrow marks the first day of autumn and I can’t believe how fast the year is moving. Tomorrow autumn, my dad’s birthday the day after, then almost a month later is Maro’s birthday and then New Year’s!

I want to do something special this year for New Year’s because I’m usually on my own handing out the candy to the kids and let me tell ya, my neighborhood isn’t the best for trick-or-treating. It’s pretty boring. Shifty I guess everyone has wised up and moved on to the better neighborhoods for candy. *cough* NorthParkLaJolla *cough*

I was thinking of making the rickety wooden fence we used to make from the mulberry tree in the front yard. It’s a pain in the ass to cut down all the limbs and de-leaf them but the end product is really appropriate for Halloween. *shrug* I’m not sure yet, I got to see what’s in the budget for the rest of the decorations.

It’s been cooling down lately and it was sometime last week I could smell the autumn winds coming in from different directions. Soon there’ll be a chill in the air and the dense, hot humidity will turnover to a more bitter feel.

I’m wondering where I can get this kind of weather nearly year-around. Changing leaves would be wonderful, too. Red heart




Lilli said...

That would be an awesome diy project. Make sure to post photos!!!

Savanah said...

Oh, trust me, I will. It's a funny sight to see. :) Thanks for reading!