Friday, September 21, 2012

By The Light Of The Torch

You really got to have it on a game’s launch day.

So, I was unable to play Torchlight 2 yesterday when it was launched. Everybody and their mother (respectively) was rushing RunicGames and Steam. Hey, no problem. I know it’s going to be a fantastic game.

Eventually, I was able to create my online account, sync with Steam, yadda yadda but it was waaaaay late by then to play and Juan was still having difficulties.

However, this morning was different.


First Playthrough

Meet Ricochet, my Berserker. She's a melee class which I’m usually not prone to playing but her mystical skills make her a blast to play.

The bottom picture is a quick little screenshot I took of us playing. You can see my panther, Lumia, in the background, surveying the upcoming ship we’re about to commandeer. What a good scout. To the left is Juan’s Embermage and not on screen is his bulldog, Hooch. Both pets run around and do small damage to enemies and also go on our errands for us back to town to sell loot.

Omg. Loot.


They should change the name of the game to Lootlight, err Lots of Loot, Looalot, IDK, but wow.

Okay I’m done with my little shpeel about Torchlight 2.

(Only $20 bucks, people, c’monnn!)

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