Saturday, September 22, 2012


“ I know there’s an autumn spirit, and she lives as much inside me as around me in these hills, and the trees and crisp smoke and appley scent of chilly afternoons. She’s like a beautiful woman wearing an outrageous dress of red, orange and gold. […] She leans her head into the wind as her wild skirts are stripped away, leaving her branches bare like bony limbs reaching out for something. Then she wraps herself in a gray mist and settles herself into some kind of sleep, just waiting out the cold. ”

                                                                                       — Angel, by Mary E. Kingsley

Wheel Of The Year

Today the is the mark of Mabon, the Autumn Equinox. It’s also, on a sweeter note, the beginning of baking season! At least in my household. Winking smile 

Nothing too special planned for today, it’s not really that kind of holiday for us. Plus, Maro works late and I’m sure there’s some homework I could be attending to. Ah, well, it’s just the season that gets me into good spirits, not just today.

Now to start taking inventory of all the baking goods I have and what I need…

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