Sunday, September 16, 2012

Ode to Autumn

 To me, snail mail is the best. When you get older, all you receive are bills and notices. When I was young (and around the holidays, still), my mom would send me packages and letters and I could not contain myself when I got them in the mail.

Now that I think about it, I still get goodies in the mail since I order so much online Flirt male Whatever!

My point is, it’s nice to receive fun mail every once in awhile and since I love me some reading, a couple of months ago I jumped on a special going on over at Discount Mags (fab place) where select magazines subscriptions were going for $5 for one year! I ended up picking up two years of Family Circle and Better Home and Gardens.

I don’t have the money whatsoever to do some of the crazy gorgeous things they show in BHaGm but I love the pictures and the articles are nice. However, this month’s issue was so lovely I couldn’t help but add a few pictures.

Ode To Autumn Fall Bell
Color Swatches Oreo Witch

Autumn is coming! I’ve been waiting since last winter so this wasn’t news to me, but I loved how they were showcasing it this month.

The pictures inside are so lovely and it makes me yearn to live someplace where they have the changing of the leaves. But nooooo, So-Cal has to be all evergreen or barren desert land.

Woe is me, right?

Oh and I just couldn’t help it with that last picture, so funny. I actually don’t eat oreos very often because I hate the “filling” but love the cookie part. I know, so dumb! It just made me think about decorations and stuff that I need to start planning out if I want to deck the porch with bowls of candy, fa la la la la, la la la AHHHH! For Halloween of course! Ghost

Either way, *sigh* Six more days and I’ll be in my element. Everything is better in the Fall! Winking smile


Perla Sanchez said...

Cute post! I really like the oreo add, it's yummy and creative :)

allie said...

This time of year is definitely my favourite, mainly because it's my birthday soon, but also because of all the lovely layers I can wear!

Anonymous said...

The shoes are very strange hahahha! i like this post.

Savanah said...

@Allie, Happy early birthday! There's so many birthdays this month in my family, I'm going to be soooo broke haha.

@Perla and Anon: Thanks! :)