Monday, January 6, 2014

Bullet Journal

I'm on Day 8 of using the Bullet Journal system. I printed my own grid paper and sewed them into a booklet that I'll later use in my Midori (when I eventually find leather to make one -__-). I started it December 30th, right before the new year, and I figured that was best. Anything started on the New Year automatically comes endowed with the resolution stigma and I give those up fairly quickly. I started before the New Years so hopefully I'll continue it into the next year.

Speaking of which, I can't believe it's 2014, let's not talk about 2015.

So this analog system isn't something I was particularly looking for which is sort of funny considering before I got my first smart phone I was on the prowl for one. I've always loved to write and tried to pair that with my forgetful mind to better keep my life together. My phone definitely takes care of the important tasks and schedules in my life, only better than a notebook because my phone is always on me and syncs across all my devices. Notebooks unfortunately do that but as I was telling Maro, nothing seems so sweet as checking off a box or scratching out a completed task.

I still get the obligatory jitters from feeling like I HAVE to complete each and every thing I list and I'm trying to calm those nerves because they eventually cause me to quit. Very sad.

On the other hand, that satisfactory feeling that I mentioned earlier has really motivated me to get a lot done. I feel I've done very good in that aspect in the past week. Small accomplishments really seem to do the trick for me, haha.

Shit, if it gets me up and moving, I'll take it!

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