Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Fauxdori!

When I first started my Bullet Journal back in December (on the 30th), I didn't know exactly what I wanted the end product to look like. I didn't really want to buy a Moleskine or any of the other various (expensive) notebooks, no matter how nice they looked. Didn't seem practical and I had been tricked before; too nice of notebooks intimidated me as I hopelessly fell in love with their emptiness.


Then I discovered the Midori Traveler's Book. Beautiful, elegant, classic. Cost a pretty penny.

Long story short, thanks to various forums and Youtube of course, I made my own. Unfortunately, what nearly made me grind down my teeth to nubs was the fact that I could not find a piece of leather (craft or not) at an affordable price anywhere! I only needed a smallish piece! But nope. I had to settle for upholstery vinyl. Woe is me.

It'll do for now and the color is really rather gorgeous. I couldn't find anything like it within my budget ($120?? Yeah, no). I can't wait to fill it up and honestly, I can't believe I've kept up with the Bullet Journal! So proud of myself which is really the reason why I allowed myself to buy the material so soon with such little money. I had officially kept the Bullet system going for a straight month. Yay me!